The worldwide hypodermic needle fitting standard in the medical, laboratory and dispensing fields is the female Luer Lock. The mating part, which provides a tight seal via a quarter-turn, quick-disconnect is the male Luer Lock. Medical equipment in the modern age, requires t a good balance between functionality for the professional using the equipment and effectiveness in terms of the job that the device is designed to carry out. The idea behind a specific medical equipment could be great, but if the professional is not able to use it effectively, it will be useless.

The main benefit of a luer lock syringe is that it will help to ensure that the needle or tube that is attached will remain secure throughout the administration process of a certain treatment.

When dealing with securing a proper connection between needle and patient, you want to ensure that there are no issues when it comes to the venous lines or ports to the arteriolar lines.

If this was not the case and you were not using a luer lock on your syringe, there is the chance that the needle could be lost in the patient. There is also an increased chance of a contamination occurring as the port can be cleaned and use fresh syringes instead of injecting patients with a port that has been used multiple times with different patients.

The importance of minimising contamination with needles today is so paramount that no chances can be taken whatsoever.

When you break everything down, the luer lock will ensure that there is going to be a tight fit between the connectors and the needles.